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The Toxic Audio newsletter came today. Here's what it said: (And you DO want to read this.)

Hello Toxic Listeners!

We have quite a bit of news to pass on before we leave on our Mexico Cruise on Royal Caribbean's Vision of the Sea. Let's start with the most important and we'll let Jeremy tell you in his own words!

Got a PET scan today.  A PET scan is kinda like a CAT scan.  They inject you with this day-glo fluid that's supposed to light up around all the cancer cells while you lie in this tube and if you're lucky like me, get to listen to reruns of Dawson's Creek while the camera slowly takes pictures of your insides.  That Pacey is so misunderstood...but I digress.

       The results of the PET scan were normal.  There was no trace of any cancer cells in my body.  Thank you Jesus! 

       So the good news is, looks like I'm gonna make it through this thing.  Bad news is, I still have to complete 4 more chemo treatments just to make sure all the microscopic stuff is gone and that it never comes back.  But I'm on schedule to be through this horror by the end of June.

       Thanks again to all the people who have been supporting me and praying for me.  Your love has kept my spirits so high during this time, I can do the rest of it standing on my bald head.


Normally, that kind of amazing news would use up a person's share of good fortune. But we had more good news this week so help us celebrate!

Toxic Audio's third and newest CD, "Chemistry" was voted "Album of the Year" in the Pop/Rock Category by the Contemporary Acappella Recording Awards!! This is an annual announcement celebrating the year's best in acappella recordings. They are sponsored by the Contemporary Acappella Society of America ( In addition to the big award, two tracks on the CD got Runner-Up positions. "Blinded Me With Science" for Best Cover and "Putting Words In My Mouth" for Best Original Song! If you haven't ordered your Award Winning copy of "Chemistry" pick it up today!

Now with all this good news, you'd expect a little bad and that's what we have for some of our local fans. We've gotten many inquiries from you as to whether or not we would be appearing at this year's Orlando Fringe Festival. Well we submitted our application but it didn't make the deadline and it looks like we don't have a spot this year. It's unfortunate since we made every arrangement to have the application submitted since we were on a cruise ship at the time. We personally handed the application package to Mr. Dave Russell, who is the new Managing Director of SAK Theatre. How he managed to drop the ball we haven't figured out yet but trust us to get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, we're exploring the possibilities of joining up with another Fringe group to get ourselves some Fringe lovin so keep your schedules clear for that week!

Now it's back to packing the sun tan lotion and the XBox games. One has to be ready for the motion of the ocean!

Toxic Audio

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