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11:24am 18/10/2005
  Toxic Audio Icons:
03:01pm 27/08/2005
  why doesn't anyone post here???  
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08:27pm 24/01/2005
  Paul can be seen on "The Entertainer Starring Wayne Newton". I don't know what channel it's on in New York, I'm from Wisconsin...  
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05:19pm 15/10/2004
mood: excited
Paul's gonna be on U-Pick Live today at 5:30

In fifteenish minutes. :3

Thanks to Kristy (cornrelish) for the info.
08:37am 10/03/2004

Broadway.com has got a tiny article on TA moving to Broadway.

They're finally making it!

TOXIC AUDIO- The Big Announcement 
09:35am 06/03/2004
  From email I received this morning:

Here it is!

We finally get to make the "Big Announcement". We know we've been teasing but we can finally make the "Big Announcement". It's been hard keeping it to ourselves but it was necessary so that we wouldn't jinx it. You know how you want something so bad and everyone tells you it's gonna happen and then it doesn't happen? Like Susan Lucci wants the Daytime Emmy really really badly but every year her hopes were smashed when it went to someone else? So this is something we really wanted for a long time but we were afraid to talk about it too much because we didn't want to disappoint everyone. Then we got a phone call and it looked like it was finally going to happen but we decided to keep it to ourselves until it was for sure. Now we just found out that it's for sure and we can announce it to all of you. We're sorry we took so long but we trust it will be worth the wait to finally read the "Big Announcement" Oh, by the way, we've been having a great time at the Central Florida Fair. We had no idea that there were so many types of food on a stick. You can get Sausage On A Stick, Deep Fried Snickers On A Stick, Candy Apples On A Stick, Chocolate Covered Key Lime Pie On A Stick, Chicken On A Stick, Deep Fried Twinkies On A Stick, Corn On The Cob On A Stick, Fried Pickles On A Stick...it's endless! But our audience at the fair was very happy because we told them the "Big Announcement" early so we could get an idea of how everyone would react to the "Big Announcement" Drop us a line and tell us your reaction!


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11:37pm 14/01/2004
mood: amused
Oh, Paul...

...He's so CUTE! You think he and his wife have babysitter yet...? XD
10:14pm 26/11/2003
mood: happy
I saw Rene Ruiz driving to work today. Then I saw him at work while he performed in Four For A Dollar at the Beauty and the Beast show at MGM Studios, Orlando.

Indeed. That's all. :)
TOXIC AUDIO- New York Show Tickets On Sale 
02:26pm 06/11/2003
  Date: Thu, 06 Nov 2003 11:31:15 -0500
From: Toxic Audio <info@toxicaudio.com>
Subject: TOXIC AUDIO- New York Show Tickets On Sale

Sing In The New Year - In New York City!

Toxic Audio, the unique theatrical vocal experience, is once again
taking the show on the road. This time, they are preparing for their
New York City debut! The five-member group will be bringing a
high-energy, interactive, off-the-wall production to the American
Theater of Actors in midtown Manhattan for 13 performances only from
January 2 - January 11. Combining a cappella singing, vocal sound
effects, improv comedy and unique visuals, Toxic Audio looks to make the
same mark on the Big Apple that they have already made around the world!

These five talented vocalists utilize their extensive comedic and
improvisational skills to test the limits of all that you thought was
possible from the human voice. ABC-TV's Wayne Brady is a fan, as is Ed
McMahon and news anchor Peter Jennings. Their show is a unique blend of
contemporary pop, timeless classics, jazz, and their own original song
stylings. Every sound emanating from the stage, including percussion,
funky bass grooves, brassy horn lines, and more, is performed
exclusively by their five voices! Fast-paced and frantically fun, their
energetic, original production will leave audiences feeling like they've
just discovered the newest sensation to hit New York theater!

The Orlando Sentinel has hailed it as "Surprising, dazzling, and
brilliant," and says; "Toxic Audio will raise the hairs on the back of
your neck and thrill you to the marrow!" Their newest album,
"Chemistry," has also won the CARA award for "A Cappella Album of the

Performances are:
Friday, Jan 2 8:00pm
Saturday, Jan 3 8:00pm
Sunday, Jan 4 2:00pm and 6:00pm
Monday, Jan 5 8:00pm
Wednesday, Jan 7 8:00pm
Thursday, Jan 8 8:00pm
Friday, Jan 9 2:00pm and 8:00pm
Saturday, Jan 10 2:00pm and 8:00pm
Sunday, Jan 11 2:00pm and 8:00pm

The American Theater of Actors is located at 314 West 54th Street, New
York (between 8th and 9th Avenues). Tickets are $35 and may be
purchased by calling SmartTix at 212-206-1515, or on the web at
www.smarttix.com. To learn more about Toxic Audio, log on to
www.toxicaudio.com <http://www.toxicaudio.com/> .

This is an intimate theatre that only seats 140 so don't wait to order
your tickets! They make perfect stocking stuffers. We'll see you

Toxic Audio
www.toxicaudio.com <http://www.toxicaudio.com/>
new community member, long-time toxinfan! 
09:44pm 26/10/2003
  just like to say my name's leslie, and i'm a Toxic Addict!

just saw them for like the thirtieth time at the Emma Parrish Theatre in Titusville. Also going to the Off-Broadway gig in NYC in January!! anyone comin' too?
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05:43pm 18/09/2003
  From: ToxicAudio
Subject: TOXIC AUDIO- Birth Announcement

Congrats to our wild tenor man Paul Sperrazza and his lovely wife Angie on the birth of their new daughter Melissa Ayla Sperrazza who was born at 12:12am on Sept. 17th! She came in at a welterweight 5lbs. 8oz. All are doing fine and Paul is already teaching her how to spit! Well wishes can be e-mailed to the parents at toxicpaul@aol.com
Gypped! So gypped! (crossposted) 
03:31pm 17/09/2003

Was looking through some papers on the compy desk, and this is NOT TO BE BELIEVED!


WHY did I not have trips this awesome at school? And better yet, they're going to be preforming at CYPRESS CREEK HIGH SCHOOL (my school for those not in theknow).

I will be there if I have to skip. I don't care. I'll pretend to be a middle schooler or something. I looked the smae then as I do now.

Really, I do.
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Voices Carry- Healing through Harmony 
04:43pm 20/08/2003
05:20am 13/08/2003
  From: ToxicAudio@aol.com
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003
To: ToxicAudio@aol.com
Subject: TOXIC AUDIO- Orlando Announcement

We can finally make the big announcement!

Aug. 28th
Voices Carry- Healing through Harmony
An Acappella Concert for Jeremy James

SAK Theatre Comedy Lab
380 W. Amelia St.
Orlando, FL  32801
Tickets $20
Phone: 407-648-0001

To celebrate the return of Jeremy and as a gift to his family, we've gathered our friends in the acappella world to "Come Together" for an evening of acappella that only the city of Orlando could put together!

Our guests include:

Return To Zero- The four member male acappella group that appears at Walt Disney World as "Four For A Dollar" brings with them a funky style and an infectious groove you won't soon forget!

The Liberty Voices- The world-renowned vocal group founded by Derric Johnson showcases their lush harmonies performing Americana, Patriotic and Folk Music with a contemporary spin.

4:2:Five- "Next Big Star" and Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes winners present the tight harmonies and high energy that have made them Orlando's fastest rising young stars.

It will be a night of harmony you won't soon forget and the perfect way to say "Welcome Back" to our friend.

Do your part by calling today and making your reservation now! (407) 648-0001
TOXIC AUDIO- The Newsletter! 
07:01pm 18/07/2003
mood: excited
Jeremy's Back! (And future show dates and locations)Collapse )

Man, I'm so glad to hear Jeremy's back. ^^; Yaaay. Who's with me to PI? And that UCF theatre thing sounds good, too!

Dr. Demento Publication-nessCollapse )

Boo-ya. I am the newsletter mastar. ph34r 
12:01am 26/04/2003
mood: contemplative
New Toxin Newsletter. Bottom of the press release regarding the Toxins' troubles with "The Fringe."

Special thanks  to all those Toxic fans who braved the wind and rain to see us in Titusville tonight. We're sorry the show was called for weather but we enjoyed the few numbers we sang for the determined under the picnic area.

Next weekend, we'll be back at our regular Pleasure Island Jazz Company digs at the Walt Disney World Resort. This is a covered space away from wind and rain and awesome acoustics so come hang with us there! May 1st, 2nd and 3rd! Enjoy our own specialty drink, the "Toxic Waste"!

Then, on May 4th and May 15th, we're proud to be performing as part of the Mad Cow Theatre Co.'s First Annual Cabaret Festival! For information on Performance Times and Ticket Information visit the website at www.orlandocabaret.com

Then it's off to the Caribbean on Royal Caribbean's Voyager Of The Sea May 7th-14th

For those of you who followed our last e-mail regarding Fringe, we thought we'd present the news and response from SAK theatre's Dave Russell. He can be e-mailed at EquusOnIce@aol.com



Many new and exciting things are happening around SAK this year, and the Fringe plans
are no exception. New Managing and Artistic Director Dave Russell spearheads the way with an innovative and ambitious plan to mount a classic piece of theater mixed with the excitement of Ice Dancing in "Equus on Ice," which premieres at this year's Fringe Festival in Orlando Florida.

"I love horses," reveals Russell.  "The play "Equus" has always spoken to me in an unusual way." Some might even say unhealthy." Russell's vision for the "new bon vivant version," as he calls it, requires an elaborate set which he suggests will transform the stage into a "frozen palette on which the true equine essences can protrude. [sic]"

The rather involved undertaking has the apparent support of the entire SAK ensemble and crew, who have been asked not to speak to the press in order to "let the spectacle unfold its wondriousness [sic]," as Russell insists.

Details on the production are so scarce that at times it seems that Mr. Russell doesn't even know what its going to be.

"I'm letting the muse be our guide." When asked whether there is any nervousness that the time for Fringe is fast approaching, Russell replied. "Shut up!  Our show's going to be great. You don't rush the muse. Any inference that it can happen before its ready just makes me sic [sic]."


Reports have surfaced that the famed Orlando-based acappella group "Toxic Audio" has made the first strike in a war of words with SAK regarding their Fringe show application.

"[Toxic Audio member Rene Ruiz has made an accusation that is totally unfounded," retorts SAK Managing and Artistic Dave Russell.

Ruiz suggested in an e-mail sent to the the Toxic Audio fan base that the reason they were late on their application to the Fringe and therefore unable to secure a spot in this year's International Fringe Festival could be traced back to a fax that was supposed to be sent to Fringe on Toxic Audio's behalf by Dave Russell.

"It is not true, none of it, except the part about my name," remarks Mr. Russell, "that part was true -- about my name."

There has always been a healthy symbiotic relationship between SAK and Toxic Audio, but this may mark the beginning of the end for the friendship, although Russell assures that the opposite is true.

"We don't want any bad blood. We like the Toxics. They're neat. But if they want to fight, we'll fight em. I think I could take Michelle, but I would need some help with Paul."

Russell would rather go the route of diplomacy, but has ordered all SAK employees to turn in all their Toxic Audio CDs until further notice.

"I hope we can work this out," says Russell, "Our show, "Equus on Ice," is going to need a musical score and some orchestration.  Maybe we can work together in some way, although I would still reserve the right to wrestle Michelle."

More news as it develops.
03:46pm 15/04/2003
mood: relieved
The Toxic Audio newsletter came today. Here's what it said: (And you DO want to read this.)

Hello Toxic Listeners!

We have quite a bit of news to pass on before we leave on our Mexico Cruise on Royal Caribbean's Vision of the Sea. Let's start with the most important and we'll let Jeremy tell you in his own words!

Got a PET scan today.  A PET scan is kinda like a CAT scan.  They inject you with this day-glo fluid that's supposed to light up around all the cancer cells while you lie in this tube and if you're lucky like me, get to listen to reruns of Dawson's Creek while the camera slowly takes pictures of your insides.  That Pacey is so misunderstood...but I digress.

       The results of the PET scan were normal.  There was no trace of any cancer cells in my body.  Thank you Jesus! 

       So the good news is, looks like I'm gonna make it through this thing.  Bad news is, I still have to complete 4 more chemo treatments just to make sure all the microscopic stuff is gone and that it never comes back.  But I'm on schedule to be through this horror by the end of June.

       Thanks again to all the people who have been supporting me and praying for me.  Your love has kept my spirits so high during this time, I can do the rest of it standing on my bald head.


Normally, that kind of amazing news would use up a person's share of good fortune. But we had more good news this week so help us celebrate!

Toxic Audio's third and newest CD, "Chemistry" was voted "Album of the Year" in the Pop/Rock Category by the Contemporary Acappella Recording Awards!! This is an annual announcement celebrating the year's best in acappella recordings. They are sponsored by the Contemporary Acappella Society of America (casa.org). In addition to the big award, two tracks on the CD got Runner-Up positions. "Blinded Me With Science" for Best Cover and "Putting Words In My Mouth" for Best Original Song! If you haven't ordered your Award Winning copy of "Chemistry" pick it up today!

Now with all this good news, you'd expect a little bad and that's what we have for some of our local fans. We've gotten many inquiries from you as to whether or not we would be appearing at this year's Orlando Fringe Festival. Well we submitted our application but it didn't make the deadline and it looks like we don't have a spot this year. It's unfortunate since we made every arrangement to have the application submitted since we were on a cruise ship at the time. We personally handed the application package to Mr. Dave Russell, who is the new Managing Director of SAK Theatre. How he managed to drop the ball we haven't figured out yet but trust us to get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, we're exploring the possibilities of joining up with another Fringe group to get ourselves some Fringe lovin so keep your schedules clear for that week!

Now it's back to packing the sun tan lotion and the XBox games. One has to be ready for the motion of the ocean!

Toxic Audio

Toxic Audio: Valentine's Day Show 14FEB03 
06:06am 05/03/2003

The proof is right here. I don't think I've ever laughed as hard as I did during this show.

Paul and my sister, Megan ... She was on Cloud 9

Even more this way...Collapse )
The concert at P.I.'s Jazz Club. 
10:39pm 15/02/2003
mood: content
Okay, now that my heart has stopped racing...XD

Concert detailsCollapse )

<3 Toxic Audio. Hoo-ray. :D :D

The Latest From Jeremy (thanks to xxxleenaxxx
11:06pm 13/02/2003

Dear friends:

Thank-you, thank-you for the tremendous outpouring of cards, letters, e-mails, flowers, teddy-grams, and the nifty likeness of me on a box of Captain Crunch. Through the frustrating heartbreak of the past month, I've come to realize how blessed I am to have so many people giving me their love and support. I've also been inspired and encouraged by the countless stories of those who have had this disease, battled through it, and won.

Just to clear up any misinformation, I have been diagnosed with B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. I'm at stage 3. (Clinically not as good as stage two, but hey, not nearly as bad as stage 4.) I've got a great team of doctors at MD Anderson who are fighting this thing aggressively and giving me the latest, cutting-edge drugs. Although there's nothing like good 'ol morphine to take the sting out of a bone-marrow biopsy. Hmmm...there's a song there somewhere.

So once a month, for the next eight months, I go in for chemotherapy. I sit in the craftmatic adjustable bed, watch Springer, and order ice cream from the nurses, while all kinds of crazy chemicals drip into my IV, putting the "toxic" back in Toxic Audio.

Then it's back to normal life, albeit a slower version. I'm able to work in my office, take a nap, pick my kids up from school, take a nap, and if the ol' white blood cell count is high enough, sing...and then of course, nap.

Through it all, my wife has been an iron angel, family members have busted their butts picking up my slack, and my friends have shown me an overwhelming amount of love and support.

So thank-you again. Keep those prayers coming because believe me, they are working. And I promise you'll see my grinning face on the other side of this real soon.

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