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The concert at P.I.'s Jazz Club.

Okay, now that my heart has stopped racing...XD

Alrighty. Andrea, my mom and dad got to PI at like...7:20-ish. Andrea goes up to the ticket office and they ask for her ID. Uhm...she doesn't have one. So my mom steps in and says "she's with us."

"Are you her mother?" says the lady behind the counter.

"No," says my mom, laughing. The lady gives us a weird look and my mom recovers herself with "I'm her aunt." And the ordeal goes on and on and on until finally the lady calls her manager and says it's okay for us to go in.

YAY Then my sister shows up and get's me in, and my mother buys an annual pass.

We get a table right up front when the doors open at 8 (after standing in line for a while, but it was worth it. XD). And in a few minutes, the members start walking back and forth out of the dressing room. Paul comes out, gets a drink of water and walks back past our table (we sat like...right by the hallway they came out of, so we saw them every time. XD XD) as my sister asks him something, and he suddenly acts drunk. LoL, it was funny. :D

Then the first set starts with "Blinded Me With Science." I was surprised to learn Jeremy was up there. He looked so different! His head was shaved and he grew a goatee. And he had on one of those weird...gangster-ish hats...on? LoL, I don't know. He sang the first set and he sounded good. Of course, this was the legendary set where Paul serenaded me. ::eeeeeeeeeeeeee::

::sigh:: He's so gorgeous. @___@ Mmm....yay.

Anyway, second set rolls along and they've replaced Jeremy with this guy Jeff. He's nice and stuff, but it's not the same without Jer. :( ::sigh:: They did "Voices Carry" in this set. Good stuff.

Andrea has the idea of drawing the band members and having them sign their drawings. She does Paul's first. He was so happie. LoL. Michelle's was next, then Jeff, then Rene then Shalisa at the very end. They all seemed to enjoy their drawings and most wanted a copy. Hooray, Andrea! XD

Third set rolls in and I believe this was the "Menomenon"(sp?) set. XD That. Was the funniest "Menomenon" they've ever done that I've seen. Rene was out of control, man. He was cracking everyone on stage up. It was great. ^_^

Rene -- "::as a monkey:: Menomenon!" XD XD

Yesss...LoL, anyway. Andrea is officially groupie-tized by then and has fallen in love with Rene. XD XD XD

Fourth set comes in with the second "circle song." Andrea suggests "My Sharona" to be the destination. LoL, they asked for a 50's Love Song, but whatever. XD They didn't do an improv, because Jeremy wasn't there. "Snowbunny Pants" for us. XD XD

Oh well. Last set rolls around (...I think there were five..I think..may have been four. Whatever). The "Freaky Set." LoLoLoL. It had two repeat songs (Route 66 and Turn the Beat Around), but it also had "The Rose." LoLoLoL. Paul stands up at the front center stage and does like...sound effects...while the others move stuff around behind him. Then he starts roaring. LoL, it was funny as hell. The sound man put the echo on and Paul would laugh every time he'd roar because it would echo. He's so silly. ^_^

Finally, Rene comes up and tells the sound guy to turn Paul's mic off. LoL, Paul is confused, so he continues roaring into the mic, determined to get the sound back. He's so cute. ^__^

Then Shalisa starts singing "The Rose" and Paul stands there, sulking, next to a trunk of stuff. He pulls stuff out of the trunk to symbolize the words in the song. Then at the end, they all pull a while sheet in front of him to symbolize a snowstorm, and on the ending verse, Paul rises up from the sheet WITH HIS SHIRT OFF and a rose in his mouth. XD XD XD odijf;oijsd;foijsd;foijSdofijODsijfojdf YES YES YES ABS YES.

Mmm...Hey -- I have a right to be superficial at times. Hmph. :P The last song is "Stand By Me." I cried. Paul sang to his wife and it was just so touching...He has the most beautiful voice.

After the show, I go to get autographs and such. Paul kisses me on the cheek again (yayayyayfyadfljkasodfji!!) and we leave. My parents play the CD I bought all the way home. ::sigh:: Yay. Contentness.

<3 Toxic Audio. Hoo-ray. :D :D

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