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Boo-ya. I am the newsletter mastar. ph34r

New Toxin Newsletter. Bottom of the press release regarding the Toxins' troubles with "The Fringe."

Special thanks  to all those Toxic fans who braved the wind and rain to see us in Titusville tonight. We're sorry the show was called for weather but we enjoyed the few numbers we sang for the determined under the picnic area.

Next weekend, we'll be back at our regular Pleasure Island Jazz Company digs at the Walt Disney World Resort. This is a covered space away from wind and rain and awesome acoustics so come hang with us there! May 1st, 2nd and 3rd! Enjoy our own specialty drink, the "Toxic Waste"!

Then, on May 4th and May 15th, we're proud to be performing as part of the Mad Cow Theatre Co.'s First Annual Cabaret Festival! For information on Performance Times and Ticket Information visit the website at

Then it's off to the Caribbean on Royal Caribbean's Voyager Of The Sea May 7th-14th

For those of you who followed our last e-mail regarding Fringe, we thought we'd present the news and response from SAK theatre's Dave Russell. He can be e-mailed at



Many new and exciting things are happening around SAK this year, and the Fringe plans
are no exception. New Managing and Artistic Director Dave Russell spearheads the way with an innovative and ambitious plan to mount a classic piece of theater mixed with the excitement of Ice Dancing in "Equus on Ice," which premieres at this year's Fringe Festival in Orlando Florida.

"I love horses," reveals Russell.  "The play "Equus" has always spoken to me in an unusual way." Some might even say unhealthy." Russell's vision for the "new bon vivant version," as he calls it, requires an elaborate set which he suggests will transform the stage into a "frozen palette on which the true equine essences can protrude. [sic]"

The rather involved undertaking has the apparent support of the entire SAK ensemble and crew, who have been asked not to speak to the press in order to "let the spectacle unfold its wondriousness [sic]," as Russell insists.

Details on the production are so scarce that at times it seems that Mr. Russell doesn't even know what its going to be.

"I'm letting the muse be our guide." When asked whether there is any nervousness that the time for Fringe is fast approaching, Russell replied. "Shut up!  Our show's going to be great. You don't rush the muse. Any inference that it can happen before its ready just makes me sic [sic]."


Reports have surfaced that the famed Orlando-based acappella group "Toxic Audio" has made the first strike in a war of words with SAK regarding their Fringe show application.

"[Toxic Audio member Rene Ruiz has made an accusation that is totally unfounded," retorts SAK Managing and Artistic Dave Russell.

Ruiz suggested in an e-mail sent to the the Toxic Audio fan base that the reason they were late on their application to the Fringe and therefore unable to secure a spot in this year's International Fringe Festival could be traced back to a fax that was supposed to be sent to Fringe on Toxic Audio's behalf by Dave Russell.

"It is not true, none of it, except the part about my name," remarks Mr. Russell, "that part was true -- about my name."

There has always been a healthy symbiotic relationship between SAK and Toxic Audio, but this may mark the beginning of the end for the friendship, although Russell assures that the opposite is true.

"We don't want any bad blood. We like the Toxics. They're neat. But if they want to fight, we'll fight em. I think I could take Michelle, but I would need some help with Paul."

Russell would rather go the route of diplomacy, but has ordered all SAK employees to turn in all their Toxic Audio CDs until further notice.

"I hope we can work this out," says Russell, "Our show, "Equus on Ice," is going to need a musical score and some orchestration.  Maybe we can work together in some way, although I would still reserve the right to wrestle Michelle."

More news as it develops.
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